The Beginning

It all began when I was working at an on-campus Starbucks while studying at university in Colorado. I cringe when I think about the coffee I produced back then with my little training and knowledge of coffee. But it was the start of my journey with coffee.

  • Fast forward to when I moved to Walcha with my family. I started roasting coffee at home for myself, and it caught on with a few friends who then prompted me to sell it at the local farmers market.

  • It was an exciting experience to see the positive response to my coffee, and it quickly blossomed into something that couldn't be managed with a small home roaster.

  • So, we upgraded to a roaster capable of producing 5 Kg every 15 minutes. However, our burgeoning company soon outgrew that machine, and we needed to find a solution to meet our growing demand for high-quality coffee.

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Walcha Coffee Now

Now, we roast in 120-kilo batches at a HACCP certified contract roastery in Sydney. Our 5-kilo roaster is now used for product development and super specialty roasts. It's been an exciting journey to get to this point, and we are proud to offer consistently high-quality coffee every time.

  • Today, Walcha Coffee is available in locations all over rural NSW and the East Coast of Australia. We ship all over the country and can fulfil almost any size order. Our passion for coffee has driven us to create a strong market presence for your supermarket shelf or café.

  • Thank you for choosing Walcha Coffee, and we hope you enjoy our coffee as much as we enjoy roasting it for you.

Our Why

Our commitment to education is at the heart of everything we do. We work closely with cafes and retail customers to help them discover the art of handcrafted coffee and develop a deeper understanding of the brewing process, flavor profiles, and origins of each bean. We believe that by sharing our knowledge, we can help our customers appreciate the complexity and beauty of coffee and inspire them to develop a passion for this unique craft.


What makes handcrafted coffee different from regular coffee?

Handcrafted coffee is made with beans that are carefully selected, roasted, and brewed with care to create a unique and personalised flavour profile. Unlike regular coffee, which is often mass-produced and lacks complexity, handcrafted coffee is a true artisanal product that offers a one-of-a-kind coffee experience.

What are some of the different brewing methods for handcrafted coffee?

There are many different brewing methods for handcrafted coffee, including pour-over, French press, Aeropress, and cold brew. Each method offers a unique way to extract the flavors and aromas from the coffee beans and create a one-of-a-kind coffee experience.

What is the best way to store coffee beans?

Coffee beans should be stored in an airtight container in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight and heat. It's best to buy whole bean coffee and grind it fresh before brewing to ensure maximum freshness and flavor.

What is the difference between light, medium, and dark roast coffee?

Light roast coffee is generally more acidic and has a milder flavour profile, while medium roast coffee is more balanced and has a slightly stronger flavour. Dark roast coffee has a bold, strong flavour profile and is often roasted longer to bring out the coffee's natural oils.

How can I learn more about handcrafted coffee and brewing methods?

At Walcha Roasted Coffee, we're passionate about educating our customers on the art of handcrafted coffee. You can visit our website to learn more about our products and brewing methods, or attend one of our coffee classes or workshops to learn directly from our expert baristas.

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