June 2023 Single Origin Filter

June 2023 Single Origin Filter

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Yirgacheffe G1 Hafursa
Varietal: Heirloom
Process: Natural
Lot: Red
Tasting notes: strawberry, cherry, cola, toffee, red apple, plum

Processing Details

Coffees grow in small-holder farmers’ backyards (known as ‘garden coffee’) in the
Yirgacheffe region

Cherries are harvested from October – January and taken to the washing station where small-holder lots are combined

Coffee is hand sorted to remove under- and over-ripe cherries and select cherries
between 18-22 brix

Cherries are dried on raised beds in full sun to allow the beans to absorb the sweetness and fruitiness from the cherry pulp and skin

During drying cherries are regularly turned to ensure even drying and maintain clarity. On very hot days cherries are covered in plastic to control drying rate

Cherries remain on raised beds and are frequently turned for 18-30 days until moisture reaches 10-12%

Dried beans are then stored in the dried cherry pod for protection and to maximise sugar and fruit flavour absorption until milling and export preparation

Our local partner, Primrose, does further quality control and sorting during milling. As a minimum they do a triple-pass through a colour sorter and a triple-pass through hand-sorting tables to improve overall quality



About Yirgacheffe Area
Ethiopia is widely recognised as the ‘birthplace’ of Coffea arabica. And of all
Ethiopian coffee growing regions Yirgacheffe is perhaps the most well-known
and recognised. There is a certain romanticism that exists in the traditional
bright, floral and complex qualities of Ethiopian coffees that so many of us
never tire of experiencing. Spanning a remarkable topographic rollercoaster,
the ECX Area of Yirgacheffe climbs from 1200 masl in the East of the Gedeo
Zone, up to 3200 masl in the West, with only 30km in between. This dramatic
expanse of height has led to a bio-diverse environment where native trees grow
at the altitude in which they benefit most, including the many wild mutations
of coffee varietals – this must be why the cup profiles of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
coffees are just so unique.

The Ethiopian Coffee Exchange (ECX) recognises all coffees from this Area as
‘Yirgacheffe’, however the woreda Yirgacheffe only makes up part of the Gedeo
Zone where all these coffees come from. Other commonly known woredas
and kebeles that fall into the Yirgacheffe Area include Kochere, Aricha, Idido,
Konga, Chelelektu and more. The Gedeo Zone is an exclave of the Southern
Nations, Nationalities, and People’s Region (SNNPR) in Southwest Ethiopia, and
is surrounded by the Sidama Region to the north and the Oromia Region to the
East, West and South.

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